There are no Aboriginal people here in Coral Bay despite the fact that W.A. has 10% Aboriginal population and every town I have visited has at least a small Aboriginal community.

(Though I was told be a girl born and raised in an old mining town near Port Hedland W.A., a ghost town called Goldsworthy, that no aboriginal person was ever allowed into town. It was a completely policed as a racialy segregated town. The girl was no more than 20 years old so the policy was obviously quite recent.)

There's no mention in Coral Bay of any indigenous community or a plaque commemorating what must have happened. Usually there's at least a board in each town which some historical or contextual information.

There is a book, though, about the flora and fauna of the reef. In a prologue chapter it mentions that there wan an Aboriginal community living here up until the pastoralists came. Apparently they all caught smallpox and totally died out around the middle of the 19th century.

It's interesting the smallpox story. It's one of the main reasons cited for the extermination of the majoity of aboriginal ethnicities, language groups or clans. Plenty of wars were fought between indigenous people and thehcolonists but usuaaly these stories are absent fromt Australian History school curriculum.

It's a fact that the Black Death - a disease understood as one of the most devastating epidemics the world has seen, still left between 5% and 20% of the population standing - even in Eyam, England.

It's a wonder that any proportion of Aboriginal people failed to survive the new introduced European diseases.

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