This Backpacker's (I hate to admit it's a Backbackers because nowadays I travel with a suitcase) is filled to the brim with British people. There are some Northern Europeans and a very few Japanese people but it's 90% British.

There are also some Aussies in Coral Bay. They're local 'Westralians' who are mostly camping. I feel such anger towards the 'foreigners'. Why is it them and not Aussies who are experiencing this tropical reef? Most Melburnians haven't even heard of Ningaloo. Why not?

I know it's completely bizarre and ironic that I feel this way. The only reason I can afford to come myself is because I earn in Pound Stirling. In fact I only started seeing my home country once I moved away.

Further irony: I am constantly mistaken for English here. I have never felt so betweeny - not one thing nor the other. Two old friends I saw in Melbourne on 2 separate occasions remarked that they saw me as English. Yet everyone in London sees me as unfalteringly Australian. And I feel kind of both and neither.

I have even tried to exaggerate my Australina accent so as not to be mistaken for English. Paradoxically, it comes out Cockney. I guess 'Cockney' is the accent I usually take on to 'fit in'.

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