I had a conversation with a friend who is an artist but also works in a non-arts publically funded funded organisation. He was talking about how you have to make certain kinds of artworks - community based ones - because of the funding priorities. Cynically, he said how he's proposed a project that is about community and identity. He claimed he was doing it just to tick boxes for the funders.

But actually I know he's genuinely commited to the local community and access. It's like one part of his brain says one thing and another part says believes something else. He is simultaneously cynical and genuine.

And to add further complications, while he works with a predominately Muslim community, he also voices some of the most ridiculous stereotypes about Muslims. I guess I just see it in him so clearly because he says these conflicting, paradoxial views. I probably come across more consistent but I know on some level I share his paradoxical attitudes and opinions.

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