you (+me)


On a lawn in St Kilda (Australia). It was hot.

A group of drunks (derros) were playing a kind of football nearby. I read the group of 5 or 6 as Aboriginal. Two of the group were Aboriginal but the majority were not. Somehow I just focused on the Aboriginal guys, at first. I had to look more closely to really see.

There was also a van parked close by playing Jewish music loudly with Lubavitcher orthodox Jews proseletysing to passers-by. I felt very wierd about that. We are not meant to be evangelical. What were they doing, talking about passover to non-jews (or whatever they were saying)? I felt kind of sick and outraged at them. We didn't go up to them and ask what they were doing there. I felt like I couldn't. Being a woman, I felt they would ignore me eventhough any non-Jewish man was ok to to speak to...

A guy I read as s white protestant Australian spoke to them as he passed by the van. He came over to the group of friends who were sitting not too far away to our right. Loudly he said that the Jews were telling him that the Messiah had come and was living in New York. He was laughing with his friends. I'm pretty sure he misunderstood but I don't know. I was frustrated and annoyed at his and their misrepresentation of my religion and ethnicity.

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