When talk turns to the Oscars, the various members of my family who care to comment all speak of the 'race' issue. They decry Russell Crow's missed accolade ( I guess they would, being Australian). No one has seen either film that Halle Berry or Denzel Washington were in. Everyuone has seen 'A Beautiful Mind'. Nevertheless, it's unanimous. Halle Berry and Denzel Washington won their Oscars because they're black and not because they're good actors.

To add to the general disapproval around the Academy awards:
T: "Whoopie Goldberg went on too much about the black thing. She brought it up for every award." I have to say I fell asleep 1 and 1/2 hours before the end due to jet lag but I kind of think it's fairenough that in a story of mythical creatures (Lord of the Rings) there seems no logical reason to race the entire cast as white. It seems a fair enough point.

C: "Halle Berry received a white award and gave a black address."
See what I mean when I say it's white people who are obsessed with race?

This entry,like all the diary entries, is subjective. Others may record these events differently.

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