I was having lunch with mum at a usual haunt of hers. The very friendly Chinese Australian guy who owns the place heartily wished me a Happy Passover. I have to say I have never met him before.

I was really annoyed by it. I don't know whether it was becuase he's Chinese or because he's not Jewish but I found it really wierd.

Maybe Chinese people feel similarly when non-Chinese people fo on about Chinese New Year. Maybe it feels inappropriate for them?

At the Passover Seder my cousin launched into a tirade against 'the Arabs'. He kicked off with the accusation that Emirates (the airline) fund the P.L.O.

It was a bit of a high pitched racist tirade along the lines of all Arabs (read Muslims) are bad and Israel is an innocent victim defending itself.

I wonder whether any any Muslim person I know would have their suspicions confirmed had they been there - that all Jews hate Muslims / all Jews are fanatics.

Funny how each side accuses the other of exactly the same thing. And I guess they're both right. Fanatics do make up both our ranks.

This entry,like all the diary entries, is subjective. Others may record these events differently.

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