I met a person who, upon finding out that I am Jewish, stated how much she wanted to go to synagogue to find out more about the Jewish 'roots' of Christianity. She was someone who goes to church and, so I guess, a Christian. She said it like I should be pleased she was interested. But I wasn't. I felt suddenly like a specimen. But instead I said I knew what she meant because I had been to church to see what that was all about in the year after I left school. Even as I said it I believed it wasn't the same thing. I also reminded her that culture, including Judaism, is located in the home. I guess I was trying to disuade her from going to synagogue - or forestall any request that I take her.

But it wasn't just that I felt like a piece of exotica. I was reminded of a time when a friend told me her mother believed that Scottish people were the 'lost tribe'. (She was Scottish herself.) She cited Scottish people's reputation for frugality as one of the reasons behind her thinking. My own experience is that you cannot simply ellide Judaism with Christianity and when Christians do, they seem to have some myth or stereotype in mind.

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