Have been trying to get a different signatory on a treasurer's bank account that we have. Already knowing that banks have the 'right' to discriminate against certain people based on their passport, I decided to attempt to have T be a co-signatory. He doesn't have a bank account because, being a refugee, he doesn't have a passport or birth certificate. This means he is also not allowed to apply for a drivers licence - the other acceptable form of ID. But I thought maybe the bank would allow him to be a co-signatory, at least. He does have a Home Office document stating that he is a Naturalised British citizen.

We just received a letter that stated that the Certificate of Naturalisation is not good enough and that if we want to change signatories he must produce additional documents as well as a passport and I must suddenly produce 2 forms of ID as well, including a passport or drivers licence. I am wondering whether the bank has suddenly requested these forms of ID from me as well because I have a 'funny name'. I have been banking with them for about 10 years with a personal account and about 4 years on the treasurer's account. They have, over the years, had proof of my address and photocopies of my passport. It's difficult to tell whether it's just bureacracy or an attempt to undermine me as well.

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