Been chatting to various people wbout whether they're fasting over Ramadan. Just normal conversations about breaking the fast and how hard (or not) it is for them. Then I met up with L and we were talking about organising an Eid event.

Then on my way home, I passed the mosque and there were a group of men hanging around outside with an A-board which had some people's faces and some writing on it. Instantly, I thought about terrorism. I immediately imagined it was some kind of propaganda about Islamic terorism, maybe even a call to arms.

Even as I was imagining it, I realised how wierd it was that I could have friends who are practicing Muslims, that I could understand and respect their practice of the religion, but as soon as I see a group of Muslims that I don't know together I think of terrorism. It's pretty fucked up to be able to still have a stereotype when I have LOADS of personal experience to the contrary...

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