Had a discussion about religion and culture. I said I find it very problematic that 'western' people turn to Buddhism, that their attraction is based on exoticism, and kind of fetish of another, very foreign culture, that if they want to turn to religion, to find a meaning of life, they should look to their own culture/background. As I said it I felt that I was saying something I shouldn't. But as soon as I said that a close relative had nearly converted to Buddhism, it was ok, because I was talking about an issue that was in my family, therefore it was my own issue.

I totally understand that we can only ever talk from personal experience with any kind of authority - and that authority begins and ends with ourselves... but surely it is appropriate to decide whether we think it is ok for x kind of person to behave in a particular way. I make that judgement when it comes to jokes. I know I believe it is absolutely inappropriate for a person from another culture to make Jewish jokes - why? Because it is laced with anti-Semitism - and it's ok for me to be self-loathing, but I don't want to hear hatred, 2D stereotypes and myths from someone else... So I do make judgements about what other people should or shouldn't do or say.

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