That tv ad for the Peugeot 206! It's exactly on that edge of offensiveness which means you can't really complain about it to Advertsing Standards Agency - they'll just write back saying something like: don't you have a sense of humour?

It shows a man in India driving his car into a wall, making an elephant sit on it and then hammering the surface so that the car takes on the shape of a 206 instead of the very boxy Lada-ish shape that it was. He then drives around looking cool and impressing the women... It's a laugh at this man's naive attempt to look sophisticated and 'western' Peugeot-style. It has echos of past British colonial attitudes towards India (and Africa for that matter) - laughing at the "coloured" man trying to ape his european "betters". As I write this, I realise just how offensive it is - but I know the offense isn't blatant enough to have it taken off tv.

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