I know I have written before that I think we are being primed for war, that the media are reiterating over and over all the myths about Muslim Fundamentalist terrorists in various programmes on tv. And there seems to be so much about war on tv, in a glorifying way. A few weeks ago it was all about the Falklands War - but that was because of a 20 year anniversary...
Now I feel I'm beginning to be suckered into the paranoid programming. I can feel they are beginning to get through to me, and I am v used to being skeptical. I attempt to look critically at who is saying what and why they might be saying it - what's in it for them - the hidden agenda.
People in the media all seem to read the same newspapers (and nothing else). Actually anybody I have ever met in the media does seem to conform to this sweeping generalisation. They all watch the same programmes on tv and they seem to come up with similar ideas and approaches to world events.
And the ante seems to have been upped. There seems to be string of programmes which, in one way or another, take any human side out of Islam. There are also loads of leaked government reports about potential terrorist threats making us all - or me - nervous and jumpy. Are we being primed to go to war? We know we are on the line here in London and somehow we are meant to want to go to war because of that.
On the other hand, maybe it's just that the days are getting shorter. It's dark now at 4.30 and things feel generally unsafe... Besides, every Christmas, most Londoners remember what it was like when there were IRA bomb threats about the West End... Maybe it's just a pre-Christmas feeling... that jumpy paranoid one.

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