Standing in the queue for the bank

There was a bloke ahead of me who was doing some company banking for his dad - paying in loads of cash and cheques. There was a question over the signature on one cheque. The bloke, a white cockney geezer, was told that the person who signed the cheque, his dad, would have to call if he had any hope of it being cashed. So this guy asked for the direct phone number to the bank manager (another white Eastender) whom he obviously knew and called by name. He was told by the black teller that he would have to call the general phone line - that was the procedure. The guy then beckoned towards the bank manger who came over and instantly dismissed the problem with the signature. That was that.

The queue of 8 and I all witnessed the preferential treatment. No one else in the queue was white. No one said anything but I believe that none of us would have received such positive treatment had we had the same problem. I also have a hunch that had it been an Asian customer and an Asian manager and a line of white people, we wouldn't have heard the end of it. They would have gone on about 'them lot sticking together...'. But if you're from the majority culture, it's just 'helping out a mate'.

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