Joking around with some kids I was working with, one said that the picture they were working on was like that kids' game show, and he sang the signature music for it. I didn't recognise it but I said it sounded like Batman music. I asked what the name of the game show was and he - or maybe another of the boys - said, Ready Steady Cook. I turned to look at my colleague with a quizzical look. Ready Steady Cook is a cookery show and yes it's about speed and timing but it had nothing to do with what we were doing...

My colleague said it was because he's Ainsley Harriot (he's black). The school were all white and my colleague was the only black person in the room, but it still seemed wierd to me that he interpretted it in that way. I didn't respond at the time. I guess I should have asked the kid what he meant so we could deal with it, if it needed dealing with, instead of assuming what he meant - but I was too tired.

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