Watched one of my fav shows on tv - DoubleTake. A man pretending to be Michael Parkinson interviews people at bus stops - v funny. It's often shot using different formats - hi and low quality and unusual or point of view angles. The woman that he sat next to, and was interveiwing about how she got into sitting at bus stops, was wearing a Magen David (Star of David) in her ears. When the shot was from the side, you could hardly see it, being on an oblique angle, but they also used a front camera angle, which had been blurred. Because there was no narrative reason for the blurring - it didn't add to the joke or add a different dimension - it seemed to be there just for aesthetic reasons. And I all I could think of was that they blurred the front camera shot because the Magen David would have been too visible, her ear being in the middle of the frame. And at this time, that would be - I don't know - dangerous? Politically sensitive?

Maybe it wasn't for that reason at all - but that's the conclusion I came to anyway.

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