Working with a group just for 4 days, I never really learned everyone's names. I was trying to remember one person so others in the class prompted me - what does he look like? I said he was white. A black guy said, well that doesn't narrow it down. And I answered, you'd be surprised.

I realised from his perspective, it didn't narrow it down and realised it was kind of strange that it did narrow it down for me.
One class - two completely different ways of reading or understanding its ethnic mix.
There were actually 2 black, as in African descent, men. There were 5 other men in the class. I only read 2 of those 5 as 'white', whereas for K, I don't know but I guess up to 4 of them are 'white'.

A living example of why self-definition of identity is important and not just 'observing' characteristics from the outside. I guess we can't help but read other people through our own agenda and understanding...

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