Very disppointed with one of the places I work, well actually one of the people who create programmes and education workshops in one of the places where I work. I was adding to a Blog about how valuable a resource it was for contextualising knowledge, for showing that there are many systems of knowledge and that a euro-centric history and culture is not the only version. I didn't put it quite like this but I was trying to get that point across.

Maybe it's me and I failed to express what I meant or maybe he just didn't get it, but his response was that yes there are loads of different cultural artefacts and that the institution is in dire need of 'experts' to come in and 'interpret' them. This wasn't what I meant at all! This struck me as a classic liberal response.... It's all so complicated, so different, I'm not going to even attempt to engage with it. You know the kind where poeple justify doing nothing because otherwise they feel like they have to do everything.

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