Went to a bizarre talk just because an invitation came through the post. I don't really know how I got on the mailing list but there I was.
And so was a neighbour. At the end we met up and talked about how interesting it was. He added in some more 'facts', things which I felt were true in substance but I didn't believe the details of what he was saying. And I knew perfectly well why I didn't. He is black and politically active and not middle-class so in my mind, he fits a stereotype and I tend to dismiss it as fanatical and misinformed.
Eventhough I know that we learn one version of history and that white people are racist and therefore usually happy to believe soley in that version of history.

Now as much as I believe that history is a purely ideological area of study and 'knowledge', and I treat it with scepticism - I also know that 'other' histories are ideological and equally subject to misinterpretaion and propaganda. And so there is a kind of person, in particular, that I regard with scepticism - the person who vehemently believes in an 'other' history. And this person is usually black and working class.
By contrast, interestingly I will usually believe one hundred percent a white feminist view of history...hmmm...

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