It's amazing what happens when we carry around unresolved issues, when there is something we should have said at one time but never did, so we carry it around waiting for an unlikely time to address it. I guess that's why it's called baggage.

I sat in the garden of the local community centre with someone who, I think I remember, saying that all the Israelis should be bombed. He said it in a glib way a few days before the government decided to bomb Iraq. It was the night before 2 million of us walked the streets of London to protest that form of intervention in Iraq. Since then I have been nervous of B and wanted to say something. Every conversation I have within earshot of him, I am thinking of ways to bring the subject up. So conversations are wierd and strained and I know he'll have no idea why. I probably need to come out and just say something... but I hardly know him, and it might not even have been him in the first place....

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