I was discussing Rabbit Proof Fence, the film, with a relative. She said that she hadn't seen it and besides she had seen a review on tv with 2 Aboriginal people. One thought it was great, the other didn't like it. I think she felt the need to say this to justify why she hadn't seen the film. Though it was just an idle question.

I don't understand why Aboriginal people, who were there qua as Aboriginal people and not as film reviewers, were brought out to talk about the film. The film is about Australian Government policy towards Aboriginal people of the time (turn of the century or early twentieth century). Did it really require their special insight as "representatives" of the Aborignal communities? Besides, do they invite only aristocrats when reviewing a film like The madness of King George or Gosford Park? Of course not, film are reviewed for their aesthetic qualities, their plot, whatever - and usually by the same people who review everything. They don't look to 'specialists' or members of a particualr community to review most films. So why this time?

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