I got in the lift with the two old women who live in the building who spend most of their lives complaining about things especially people not born here. One asked, did I see the note on the message board about a cleaning job?
I said I did.
She said, well, I rang it and it was an Asian lady and she didn't have a job. She wanted one. She wanted to come and clean people's houses. With which she pulled face and laughed. I mean I can clean m'own home, she said. She then added that she didn't think Asian people went in for that kind of job. They only go for doctor and accountant jobs...

How wierd... like all Asian people have the choice to be a doctor or accountant... like people choose to be a cleaner... Funny how Bengali people occupy the same position as Jewish people in this area 50 years ago on so many levels... even some of the stereotypes.

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