I have been doing some research for a project around tourism and I am completely amazed at some of the crap that people come up with even after they have visited a country or a culture! Really tourism only seems to broaden the mind if you've already got one. Otherwise it seems to be a frame, an excuse, to seek out and believe every stereotype and myth that has ever been formed.

I have read whole pieces of advice about how to pick up Chinese women, and where the sexiest ones are. Huge amounts about people ripping off other people, various scams that tie in nicely to national or racial stereotypes. There are some voices who see humanity through, or despite the differences - but there are a surprising amount of people who actual only see the stereotype, like they've been on holidays searching for them and once they find anything that comes remotely close, they tick it off the list. So that all Chinese are x and all Thais are y and all Africans belive z...

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