Went to the grand opening of a shopping centre in Birmingham - unbelieveable on every level but true...

A Trinidadian steel band was playing and a group of 3 dancers frolicked - and I use that word precisely - in front, wearing mock-fur loin-cloths, gaiters and headpieces, looking a lot like a 1950s Hollywood version of 'Africans'. Everyone on stage was black.

It reminded me of a conversation I had once that there are great (financial) rewards in performing/ conforming to stereotype. Many people will pay a good deal to see a Jewish person behave like Woody Allen, or Fagin. Many people are pleased to see the steroetype comically portrayed like it's true, like it does exist.

When I went to New Orleans - the only place I have ever been which sells newly made negrophilia, like big wide smiling, red lipped and white white eyes and teeth mammy dolls - I saw a little boy tap dancing with bottle tops on his shoes and white people surrounding him, laughing and applauding. It's a way to earn a buck, you might say.

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