Talking about buying a flat with a friend. Ages ago I said he should put an offer down on one, even if he wasn't 100% sure, and retract the offer if he saw another one that he prefered, because you're not legally bound to anything until you exchange contracts... It was a suggestion (coz he's got to move soon so there's a time pressure) and it is legal, if not very pleasant...

When speaking with S today he said that he couldn't do that because of his "Protestant ethics". I said I couldn't do it either - I'd feel too bad for the person to willfully go through with something and pull out at the last minute.... but I felt wierd about the use of "Protestant ethics" in that context. It felt like a blow - like my ethics are dodgy, my Jewish ethics. Echoes of devious Jews, of not being trustworthy or as good as our word. It made me feel particularly bad coz he's a real mate.

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