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I have mentioned this one before but it's just so obvious and it happens nearly every episode.

Airport - a fly on the wall 'documentary' about life at an airport which actually peddles every stereotype and myth in the book... It often borders on out and out racism.

This time it started with a man in first class who had lost his gold pen... and he waited behind after a long haul flight so that attendants and engineers could take apart the whole of First Class so he could get his pen back. Usually we don't hear the passenger's name - but we learned that his name is Mr Levy (a Jewish name) - and they said it a number of times - so a nice neat connection to start the show - wealth, annoyingness and Jewishness...

Then onto Air India. A flight is cancelled and they characterise the "mob" who now have to collect their luggage and sleep in the airport all night as "riotous", in fact the police are called in and staff are 'afraid for their lives' Indians are scary, irrational, unpredictable, more likely to be dangerous, not to mention annoying...

The thing about the show is that - though it's not v subtle - it's too subtle to make a direct complaint about, so I write it up here instead of as a letter to the tv company.

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