There's been many a discussion since that BBC journalist went undercover to video newly recruited cops and their violent racism. Of course, politicians who everyday spout hate and racism when it comes to Asylum Seekers, migrants, Iraqis and Muslims, yet they all come together to condemn these cops and say how disgusting it is. They don't see the spectrum of racism, that they are in part to blame for the hatred that these white men feel.

But today I heard an Asian man on the radio. He broke down racism into three categories. Racism that includes or effects Blacks and Asians. Racism that effects Asians only but excludes Blacks and racism and effects the Black community but not Asians. Why did this man have the opportunity to speak on behalf of victims of racism? I wondered. He sees only how it effects his community and not the bigger picture. I was angry and sad that he was denying racism against other groups. For him it just doesn't exist.

I know that violent anti-Semitism is on the rise. There was a poster at the synagogue reminding us to stay vigilant this year for the first time since I have been. It is unbelievably disempowerng when a crime that has been commited against you is then denied. It is the proverbial salt in the wounds.

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