Been doing some research on the internet for a project and I came across a very scary site entry. It's on a site called The Truth Seeker. I haven't really got to grips with the site's ideological position because I've only just come across it through this particular article about Jewish art.

But I'm nervous of it, let 's say.

The article is by someone calling themselves Israel Shamir. Now, I know it's a pseudonym for someone who isn't Jewish because the article goes on to explain that modern and contemporary art is, basically, a Jewish conspiracy because Jews can't paint (or sculpt)... and because Jews' main enemy is Christainity and painting is a Christian thing.
Ludicrous? yes.
But like most of these inciting-to-hate kind of articles, it's written in a very rational, academic style, so it may be convincing for those who would like to be convinced - or know no better. The thing is, I know the internet is full of incitments to hate from every postion and ideology. It is, afterall, freedom of speech. But I didn't go looking for this one and I really don't enjoy encountering anti-semitic - or any kind of hate-filled vitriol - when I am browsing for real valid information.

And I was very happily going about my day and my work, too...

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