Yesterday's encounter effected me a lot. It stayed with me the rest of the day and night. So I'm addressing it again today. After I wrote my diary entry, I looked back at the site and realised that it's a generally left-wing site with a large proportion of it given over to anti-semitism - or if you prefer, anti-Jewish racist propaganda and conspiracy theories.

I guess I don't understand why people choose to make up lies. I never understood it when I was a child and trouble-makers would just make things up, lie bald-faced, invent fabrications based on the tiniest grain of an incident which would then be blown out of all proportion. I guess when we were children, the liar was motivated by all that attention . Maybe even for adults, it's the same.

I guess I also feel especially effected by being hated for something that I have absolutely no control over - my ethnicity, what I was born. I have much less trouble being hated for things I have chosen - where I work, my education, where I live, who I sleep with, what I think and believe - but being hated for what I was born seems particularly unjust.

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