me, you, them


I have been watching a series called "When Black became Beautiful" about the fashion industry and black models. Last episode brought us up to date, looking at the 1990s - and I couldn't believe how many "firsts" happened then - how often it was the first time someone did this or the first time someone did that. Less than 10 years ago!

What the fuck is going on? Why is nothing changing? Why is it that white liberals who believe that racism is bad thing, who would hate to be considered racist, continue to perpetuate situations where black people are excluded? Am I completely stupid? What is it I do not understand? Maybe I'm gullible and belive what my friends, colleagues, the media, everyone tells me! Maybe I take people at their word, when I shouldn't. I don't know.

When are you going to change things that are within your power to change?
like who you employ, who you give opportunities to, how you talk about or represent other people...?

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