A joke in "New Scientist" magazine in their end of year quiz.

Q5 Back in 1911 Charles Campbell, a Texan doctor, decided the way to rid swamps near San Antonio of malaria was to build some comfortable roosts for mosquito-eating bats in the area. All he had to do was persuade the bats to leave their traditional roosts. How did he succeed?
a) By playing phonograph cylinders of the Mexico City Police Band
b) By hosing the bats down with water
c) By letting off a series of firecrackers

You guessed it. The answer is A.

Do you think I'm being over-sensitive? Politically correct? What if the answer had been traditional Jewish Klezmer music that drove the bats from their homes, or Southern Baptist black gospel music that drove ordinary amercian bats away. What are the nuances then?

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