A point was made that there is a different word for anti-Semitism than "racism". I guess he meant that's because they are not the same thing... I didn't address him then, because of the flow of the conversation.

Later I said that he would have as many stereotypes of a Muslim Pakistani as anyone. Just because he's black doesn't mean he doesn't have the same stereotypes about others as a white person does. I didn't say that he would have as many stereotypes of Jewishness, which is what I really wanted to say, but was afraid. I didn't want to open the debate to stereotypes of Jewishness. I guess I believe that nearly every person in that room has them, like any random group of non-Jewish people - stereotypes around wealth, or business or conspiracies or whatever. I didn't have it ready to fight back with - that Jews have been hated throughout history, for being poor, or for being rich. We are hated either way, so the hatred, or prejudice is not about money, it's about Jewishness. But I couldn't go there.

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