Had a strange encounter today. I had my art practice, this project included, characterised as a challenge to institutions to face their institutional racism. I think it was a way to dismiss my point about something. As usual, when someone reflects you back to yourself, it doesn't ring true. In this case, it's missing the point of this - and all of my - projects.

Despite working in anti-racist projects, despite being from a persecuted minority myself, with family history as victims of genocide, I am capable of being racist. I, like anyone else, will at times think or say racist things. I am not proud of this but I face that reality. I live in a racist world predicated on racist myths and stereotypes and as a consequence some of those myths and stereotypes eat into my more rational brain and inform my thought and speech. I am no different from anyone else. I am the same as my colleagues in that I can act, say or do racist things. I am ashamed of this but I do acknowledge it. I judge you and the world no differently from myself. I am no self-appointed arbiter of institutional racism without also seeing my place within that culture.

I am culpable
just as you are. That is what me-you-them is all about.

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