I went to Fortnum and Mason's. It's an old department store nostalgic for colonial times with dodgy frescos on its restaurant walls of black people working the fields from all over the ex-Empire.

I took a friend who is visiting from Australia, as a laugh. We went to the children's toys section because she has kids. She was amazed at the kinds of things they sell there. Old fashioned wooden toys that are hard to find anywhere else. Hobby-horses. Gollywogs.

These gollywogs are unlike any I've seen before. Mostly gollywogs will have white lips like clown makeup and really don't resemble people. They look more like black clowns similar to Ronald McDonald, only black and white instead of white and red. But these gollywogs actually looked like characatures of black people. They had black faces and nappy hair and were life-like. I have never seen anything like them and really I can't believe anyone makes them, let alone sells them. I was too dumbfounded to speak. It's not like Fortnum's have a large doll section or anything. These gollywogs were right next to the children's soft animals section.

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