I said, "Don't listen to me - that's because of my dodgy politics over disability!"

F:"If she didn't, she'd be a saint!"

It's a funny thing. Sometimes I think I do actually say shock-value things around disability because I don't want to be known as politically correct. Especially because I'm in the middle of an affirmative action thing. A training opportunity around 'race' and ethnicity because within the sector that I mostly work, employment is currently almost exclusively white. I don't want people to feel judged or distanced by what I do, just because it I know it is the right course of action. So I guess I scapegoat disability... sometimes... sometimes, it's true. I'm scapegoating.

But I also don't see how it's saintly to see how things can change for the better, why they should change and try to make that change happen.

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