Watching myself during a recruitment process. There are many things going on over and above the skills and talents on parade in front of me. I also have my own bias and prejudice to deal with.

There are those I 'relate to', who look like me or sound like me or have a similar background that I relate to. I have sympathy for them and look favourably on what they have to say.

Then there are people who remind me of 'enemies' or people I've been taught to dislike or fear. One man reminded me of Saddam Hussain and it was hard to come to him without prejudice, listen to what he had to offer and judge his merits. I was aware of myself getting over my fears and doubts. Over-compensating? I don't know. I know over-compensation is a classic liberal response.

It's hard to face a fellow human without prejudice in a world informed by fear and myth.

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