Sitting next to a man on the tube reading a newspaper, I glanced over. He turned to an article which seemed to be about a Muslim fundamentalist who is plotting the destruction of Britain while being on the dole. All this was said in the subheadline so you didn't need to read any further. It also boasted a large photo of the man.

The man next to me shook his head. I was also shakin my head. for me, the problem was that it was very clearly a article designed to inspire hatred. I glanced at the newspaper name - Evening Standard; one of the predictable hate-mongering titles. Then the man next to me turned to the first page of the article, which started on the page before. There was a picture of the autor and his name, David Cohen. The man then flicked to another story.

That article did so much damage on so many levels without even having to read it. The photo emphasised "what terrorists look like" - an ordinary looking Asian man. It was clearly part of a propaganda to inspire fear and hatred and it was written bu a person who, stereotypically, would want to fuel Islamophobia.

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