V who is British from a Gudjurati (Indian) background was talking about the stereotypes or realities of Gudjurati people. She said, we are called Gudjus - or Good Jews - because it's all business, no culture (meaning the arts), just business. Because she's Gujurati herself, I know she wasn't trying to be insulting to me, but the whole equation that business equals Jewishness is just wierd and seriously misinformed. And in anyone else's hands I would completely see it as a racist stereotype.

Suddenly I feel the need to list the cultural things that Jewish people have been involved in, but I know that will also pander to someone else's stereotypes of Jewishness. The fact is, people will cling to whichever stereotype they want. Everything they hear that confirms that stereotype is registered and they seem to forget - or not see - all the evidence that contradicts the stereotype.

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