Had a conversation about my local market. Both me and my partner use it and we buy from the Bengali shops and stall holders as well as the white ones. Usually around here there's a kind of voluntary segregation.

But we both agreed that in one shop we sometimes have that 'ripped off' feeling. Prices are really chaep for those things that are ordinarily expensive in supermarkets - like ginger, chillis, spices, coriander, big bags of rice... But there seems to be price variation - but, to be honest, I haven't actually monitored it. Though I have a fantasy, an imagining, that because we are 'white', the Bengali people want to rip us off. You get that kind of belief from tourists in third world countries or weaker economies. It's a wierd paranoia that kicks in when things are cheap in the first place. I don't know where it comes from. Guilt that we are buying things so cheaply when we could afford more? Don't know...

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