Just chatting to a colleague - he is young and black - about paying taxes and the government and stuff like that. He thinks we shouldn't pay taxes. I said I think we should pay more. Afterall, if we didn't pay taxes we would n't have Health Care, or Schools (universal schooling) or the Police. They all have to be paid for.

He said, "I'm not being racist or anything..."

I said, go on

He said, but if a white man is killed they find the murderer, if it's a black person, it takes years and years, or never.

I said I know what he's talking about. And there is a lot of statistical evidence to back him up but things will only change if black people become police. I said this to him because he does security work anyway.

He said but you get racism within the police. You get bullied when you are black. I agreed and said that he would have to work only within a city and join the black police federation. But I knew it wasn't enough. Everyone knows how hard it is for black police. It's reported on the tv often enough. The only thing I could say was that when there are lots of non-white people in the police, that's when things will change- but not before. We ended the conversation there. It was too depressing anyway.

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