I had to decline the offer of some work - I was scheduled to a one off workshop - because I realised that Oct 6th is Yom Kippur. Not that I'm religious, but like many millions of Jews, it's the one day of the year I will definitely go to synagogue - so I had to say no to the work.

Usually it's standard when you can't do any work for whatever reasons - the details are passed on (what it is, what time, day etc) to the rest of the team and others jump in to take up the offer. But this time, the whole original email was forwarded. This included my reasons for not being able to the work (ie Yom Kippur). I felt like I'd done something wrong or like a holyday was a crap reason for not being able to work - something odd had happened but it's hard to put a finger on it... It was different.

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