Received an email, "SPAM", which has all the tell-tale signs of a virus vehicle - unknown author, wierd attachment, one line of text. This one came from someone going by the name of Quasra Khan. The topic is "stolen" and the line says, "kill the writer of this document!"

At first I took the paranoid line - that it might be about something I have written here - or maybe elsewhere. I assumed it was a Muslim person (judging by the name) who was angry, murderously angry, at me personally. Later I realised it is more likely to be one of those virus SPAMs and not personal, in the sense that it has nothing to do with me personally.

Now I think it is from someone impersonating another person. The first name smells very fishy, not like the real spelling of a person's name. I now think it one of those things that extreme racists spend their time doing, forging documents, pretending authorship to be from a person from a particular background in order to throw (even more) suspicion on people from that background.... I've seen that kind thing written by anti-Semites, impersonating Jewish names in order to create even more anti-Semitism - I've written about one I stumbled on here in the diary maybe a year ago - (the Protocols of Zion is also a perfect example)... It makes sense to me that some insane virulently racist person is doing similar things around Islam, especially in this climate....

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